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Ceton Announces “Echo” Beta Program, Pricing, and Availability

Ceton Announces "Echo" Beta Program, Pricing, and Availability
The Ceton “Echo” hardware preview, as seen at CES 2012

Ceton today notified about 1,000 applicants of their acceptance into the beta program for the “Echo” Media Center Extender. Ceton first announced the “Echo” extender at CES in January along with a Windows Embedded-driven whole-home DVR codenamed the “Q.” Announced this Spring, the “Echo” beta is a paid beta program. Accepted candidates now have an opportunity to confirm their willingness to commit to purchasing the device at the announced suggested retail price of $179.00.

Ceton announced that beta participants will receive their units in September, and production units will be available at multiple retailers in time for the 2012 holiday season. Ceton also announced that the Companion Apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone will be available to the public in late August. They provided no further information about the “Q” DVR except to say that they’re working on it, and more information will be available in the September timeframe.

At $179, the “Echo” comes in just $21 under the entry level Xbox Console—a device capable of acting as a Media Center Extender and offering numerous other online video services, including Hulu Plus, HBO GO, and Amazon Instant Video. We had hoped Ceton would hit a price point in the low 100s, but $179 is certainly in line with our expectations. With thousands of beta program applicants, Ceton should have little trouble filling the program for the available units. How the device ultimately sells will depend on many factors, including street price, availability, and the demand for a controlled extender experience.

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