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Microsoft Demos Windows 8 Netflix App

At Microsoft’s Surface event last week, Steven Sinofsky gave us a quick preview of Netflix’ new app for Windows 8, expected at Windows 8 launch. Netflix stays ahead of competing subscription services like Hulu and Amazon partly by its “be everywhere” strategy. Native-feel applications are Netflix’ hallmark on home entertainment and mobile devices and platforms. So we should not be surprised to see a Metro-style Netflix app running in Windows 8 tablets. As a consumption device, Surface for Window RT’s success will depend significantly on a robust content and application ecosystem, and Netflix is a key factor in that equation.

The Netflix app, as demonstrated at the event, features the expected content categories (Top Picks for You, Recently Watched, and other suggestions based on your viewing habits), native widescreen playback, and semantic zoom. The interface looks cleaner and more streamlined than the current Metro-ish Netflix app on Xbox. Our gallery here shows some images from Microsoft’s presentation. You can watch the entire Surface announcement at



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