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Windows 8 Media Center – Not Dead Yet

Windows 8 Media Center - Not Dead Yet

The Verge set the Windows Media Center community on fire this morning with their article titled “Media Center excluded from Windows 8 ‘Consumer Preview‘”. As one might expect, most people are pretty upset. Back in September Microsoft officially stated that Windows Media Center would definitely be included with Windows 8, but they didn’t really give any hints as to what changes might be coming for it. But if you were to look at Twitter today, you’d swear that the Verge’s article said that Media Center won’t be included at all. Apparently the reactions frustrated Microsoft too. They tweeted this morning, from their @BuildWindows8 account,

Good grief. We said “Media Center will definitely be part of Windows 8″…

They even included a screenshot of a Windows 8 PC, with build 8225, running Windows Media Center. The date and time on the clock in the screenshot clearly show that the image was taken this morning.

So what does all of this mean? Well, it definitely means that Windows Media Center will still be in Windows 8. Will it look or work much differently than the current version of Media Center in Windows 7? Well, this screen shot doesn’t look much different from Windows 7, but even that doesn’t necessarily mean much. Also, nothing has been said about whether there might be Metro-style apps that do all, or most, of the things that we use Windows Media Center for. At this point, we still need to just wait and see, unfortunately. Tune in tonight at 8pm Eastern as we discuss the issue more on Entertainment 2.0.


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