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Entertainment 2.0 #156 : Geeky Gift Guidance

Entertainment 2.0 #156 : Geeky Gift GuidanceIt was a big week for Microsoft as they released their greatly anticipated update to the Xbox dashboard. Josh and Richard discussed all of the big updates to the user interface plus the changes and additional video services that are launching soon. Then Richard updated everyone on the latest releases for UltraViolet from a different studio. Was Sony able to improve the experience? After the news the guys dug into their Holiday Gift Guide for Geeks. Each picked out a few items from each category that they really liked. At the end of the show James Montemagno was able to join the guys to discuss his gift ideas in a way that only he can!  Make sure to join Josh and Richard for the live recording next Tuesday at 8pm ET!

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Josh has been writing software since his parents brought home their first computer. His love for gadgets and technology eventually spurred a passion for home theater technology. After starting the DMZ, he received Microsoft’s MVP award for Windows Media Center. Even though the beloved home theater PC platform is all but dead he continues to tinker with consumer entertainment technology. He’s a life-long gamer and DIY smart home enthusiast. He co-hosts the Entertainment 2.0 podcast with Richard Gunther and the DMZ’s gaming podcast, Story Players, with Joe DeStazio.