SiliconDust Begins Shipping HDHomeRun Prime CableCARD Tuners

SiliconDust Begins Shipping HDHomeRun Prime CableCARD Tuners
HDHomeRun Prime 6CC

SiliconDust sent out an announcement in PDF form updating their customers on the current progress of their CableCARD equipped HDHomeRun Prime tuners. The release states that 6-tuner per-orders have almost all been shipped out already and the rest will be shipped by the end of the week. They also reaffirmed that the 3-tuner device will indeed begin shipping from NewEgg on Monday, August 22. Fulfillment of 3-tuner pre-orders should be complete by the end of the month. SiliconDust also added that the tuners will begin general availability over Labor Day weekend. You’ll even be able to buy them directly from SiliconDust via their website. Also during that holiday weekend they will be bringing more retailers online.

We want to thank our loyal customers as we confirm the updated delivery schedule of pre-orders and announce general availability dates for our HDHomeRun® PRIME™ products.
6-Tuner pre-orders are nearing completion, with all remaining pre-orders to ship in the coming week. We appreciate the reviews and feedback on units already in use in customer homes. General stock of our 6-Tuner HDHomeRun® PRIME™ will be ready before Labor Day weekend on and select online retailers.
We are happy to confirm that deliveries of pre-orders of our highly anticipated HDHomeRun® PRIME™ 3-Tuner CableCARD™ support device will begin shipping from NewEgg warehouses around the country on August 22, 2011, and will continue to fill through the end of the month.
NewEgg will be opening up additional sales on inventory beyond that along with new sales channel retailers for the product opening up during the Labor Day weekend. You will also be able to purchase direct from our Buy Now page.
Keep watching for more exciting news with regard to the HDHomeRun® PRIME™ for both our 3-Tuner and 6-Tuner devices in the coming weeks.

Source: SiliconDust Announcement (PDF)


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