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Movie Podcast #63: We go 0 for 3

tmp63It has been a while since The Movie Podcast struck out in three movies in a row, however this week it looks as if we went 0 for 3. Perhaps we are wrong you will have to let us know in the comments, but we do have a bit of intense reviews for you. We have a few movies that came out that slipped under everyone’s radar including a sequel to a horror remake of the Spanish film REC. Quarantine 2: Terminal takes place right after Quarantine, but has absolutely nothing to do with the sequel to REC, REC 2 (James highly recommends these versions or even Quarantine). We also have a Zombieland vampire knock off with Stake Land, which failed to raise the stakes… Finally we have a movie that made over 180 Million dollars domestically with a plethora of voice acting which is Rio. So sit back and get for a massacre of a show.

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