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New Media Remote and Bluetooth Headset for Xbox 360

New Media Remote and Bluetooth Headset for Xbox 360Earlier today Major Nelson, Microsoft’s head PR person for Xbox, announced two new peripherals coming to the gaming console this fall. The first is a bluetooth headset that obviously works with the Xbox 360, but it will also double as a headset for your mobile phone. I’m not sure that I would want to walk around in public with a headset that says Xbox on it, but if you want to show your inner nerd we won’t judge you. It will retail for $59.99 and be available in early November.

What is far more interesting to most of the DMZ readers is the other product that was announced. Also this November Microsoft will be releasing a new media remote or the Xbox 360. It looks beautiful with a piano black finish and many curved edges that complement the smooth buttons. The remote is equipped with most of the buttons you would expect, direction pad, XBOX Guide and A, B, X, Y buttons, TV power and volume, media playback buttons, and a numeric keypad. It even has Guide and Live TV buttons. It is missing one button in particular though: the Green Button! This off course will lead to more speculation that Microsoft is dropping Media Center, and perhaps is even ditching the Media Center Extender functionality of the Xbox 360 with the fall dashboard update. While it’s certainly not a positive thing for Media Center fans that this gorgeous remote doesn’t have the Green Button, it is by no-means the nail in the rumored coffin. My guess is that the remote will function exactly like any other Windows Media Center remote when used with the Xbox or with a Media Center PC. The Live TV and Guide buttons will be useful for anyone who gets the Live TV functionality along with that earlier mentioned Fall Update. You can grab the new remote for $19.99 this November.

Source: Major Nelson


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