Windows 8 Finally Revealed

Windows 8 Finally RevealedMicrosoft has been able to keep a very tight lid on the next version of Windows. They’ve done a far better job of it than they have past products, that is for sure! Now we know why they have worked so hard to keep it under wraps! Yesterday Microsoft released a four minute video demo of some of the new Windows 8 features. I’m not really going to dive into them as it would be better if you just watched the video instead. It should also be noted that Microsoft is just using “Windows 8” as a code name. They say that you shouldn’t take this as an official announcement of the name of this next operating system.

I will say that I’m extremely excited about what I see in this video! Everyone, myself included, has doubted Microsoft’s strategy of simply running “Windows” on everything, but in this demo it looks like they may actually be able to make that a reality. They show the next OS running on a tablet device and a desktop/laptop computer, and while the video is definitely more focused on tablet features, it looks like there is still the Windows 7 desktop interface available.

There certainly are a lot of questions that remain, but this video shows more potential for Windows 8 than I had ever imagined!

More screen shots. Click to view the full image.

Windows 8 Finally RevealedWindows 8 Finally Revealed Windows 8 Finally Revealed


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