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The Movie Podcast #54: We <3 @NathanFillion & Gnomes


James is back in Romania and Michael is working non stop as usual, but do not worry The Movie Podcast is back for episode #54! We have some real gems this week including 2 releases from Disney. We were not too excited this week seeing that we totally made fun of both of these movies nonstop when they were released in the theater. We are of course talking about Gnomeo & Juliet and I Am Number Four. While both of these movies didn’t get “horrible reviews” we are here to separate them out and tell you if they are amazing, good, bad, or just down right horrible. To our surprise we actually have at least one decent movie this week. We don’t stop there though as we were both busy watching additional movies, and of course lots of Nathan Fillion and Castle!

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Movie Reviews:

Other stuff we watched:

  • The Wizard
  • Lost in Translation

TV we are watching:

  • So You Think You Can Dance
  • Castle Finale
  • South Park

Box Office:

Next week on The Movie Podcast: