Windows Media Center

Recorded TV HD Released

record tv hdFavorites and Genre sorting for the masses!

The good guys over at MJT Software and Services Inc., the creators of Resume WTV and Rip My Movie, have just released Recorded TV HD. Recorded TV HD was released to solve the issues that many people have with the Recorded TV section of Media Center. Newly added is the ability to sort by by genre, check current percentage of a watched episode, and even create favorites lists. This is probably the most interesting feature of the product. Now you can easily with one button click create new lists for your favorite show, genre, or even individuals in your house. For example, if your spouse loves reality TV, and you only watch dramas, you can both set up your own lists. Then you’ll never have to sort through the shows you don’t care about, and it is as simple and just hitting the “Favorite” button and selecting which list to save it to. When you install Recorded TV HD you will see a brand new menu row inside Windows Media Center that looks like this:


As you can see you now have a new “Recorded TV” section that will automatically pull meta data, background artwork, and a completely new user interface. On top of that you can easily access your genres and your favorites right from the home menu. Take a look at the beautiful new interface these guys have developed.

main screen

So yeah it kind of blows away the current media center user interface when it comes to recorded television. It really reminds me of MediaBrowser, which is a great application for all of your videos and movies. You can give Recorded TV HD a try for 30 days free and if you love it then it will only cost you $9.99 if you buy it by June 1st. After that it will be $19.99. Just head over to and check it out.