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Entertainment 2.0 #117 : Mobile Media and More

PrintThis week on Entertainment 2.0 Josh is joined by Craig. James also joined us, but unfortunately this will be the his last show for a while as he’s about to fly off to Romania for a few months. We kicked off the show with a voicemail from Mike Faucher, who joined us on episode 115. We also had a listener email before we got into the week’s news.

We started the main section off with a quick update on the infiniTV Status plugin that Josh has created. Next up we just reminded everyone that the HTPC build list from episode 115 is now available. After that we hit the big news of the day: that Amazon is launching their own streaming video service to compete with Netflix that is available to all paying Amazon Prime customers for free. James had spent the weekend in California, and while he was at Disneyland he discovered Disney’s Dream Home. The display is outfitted with tons of gear from Microsoft and HP, including a Windows Media Center in just about every room of the house! We next spent a little bit of time discussing the latest news from Nokia, Microsoft, and HP. James felt compelled to talk about the Nintendo 3DS launch titles that were announced. The rest of the episode we spent talking about all the different ways we access our media on the go, with Android phones, Windows Phone 7, and Apple iPad devices. If you missed the show live, remember you can always listen live, and join in the chat, on Tuesday nights at 8:00 PM EST.

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Josh has been writing software since his parents brought home their first computer. His love for gadgets and technology eventually spurred a passion for home theater technology. After starting the DMZ, he received Microsoft’s MVP award for Windows Media Center. Even though the beloved home theater PC platform is all but dead he continues to tinker with consumer entertainment technology. He’s a life-long gamer and DIY smart home enthusiast. He co-hosts the Entertainment 2.0 podcast with Richard Gunther and the DMZ’s gaming podcast, Story Players, with Joe DeStazio.