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Seen in HD 50 – OLED funeral, Google TV, Karate Kid review



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Here’s the rundown of this week’s show:

Toshiba kills OLED production – HDTV Professor

Google TV and Logitech (note, after we recorded it was discovered that Logitech’s hardware includes an IR blaster to help facilitate channel changing, it remains to be seen if that will work with all providers, but our guess is it should)

Will 3D cause Blu-ray to break through? – Home Media Magazine

Best Buy cutting back on DVD/CD shelf space – Daily Finance

Toshiba’s glasses free 3D – Home Media Magazine

Netflix takes Sony on 28-day delay – Home Media Magazine


Blu-ray revenue and market share rebounds a bit, best since June.

Blu-ray sales | Combined DVD/Blu-ray sales

Blu-ray Review Karate Kid (2010)| review

Vitals: MPEG 4 AVC, 2.40:1, DTS-HD Master Audio


Beat the Xbox live price increase – Digital Trends

Enslaved, Comic Jumper, NBA 2K11

What we’ve seen/are watching

Blu-ray deals/Releases

$10 off Beauty and the Beast Disney
Daybreakers $12 Amazon
Frozen $9.99 Amazon
Omen Collection $23 Amazon
Die Hard 4-pack $29.99 Amazon

Blu-ray releases for September Oct. 12

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