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The Movie Podcast: Sept 13 2010

jake-gyllenhaal-prince-of-persia-movie-poster_aSome decent fare this week folks.  The early summer releases are making their way to Blu-ray and DVD and while we haven’t hit the blockbusters yet, it’s not all bust for movies.  There are some gems releasing this week that should keep you entertained until the big ones hit later this month and moving into October.  Take a close look at the TV season releases as well.  The start of the fall TV season means that last year’s shows start to hit.  Time to stock up if you’re a TV Junkie!

This week we also get to reveal the winner of our “Worst Movie EVAR” contest!  We got a decent number of entries for this one and Brennok will be receiving a four Blu-ray gift pack from The Movie Podcast.  Thanks to everyone who entered!

Don’t forget, we want to hold more contests.  TMP is 100% listener supported.  If you like what we do, simply head to and donate or subscribe to the show.  You can also use the links below to support the show as you do your movie and TV shopping.  Thanks again!

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