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The Movie Podcast 03: May 10th 2010

moviepodcast I think James I would agree when we say that this week is better than last when it comes to both new and catalog releases.  There’s something for almost everyone this week and as always, we run through the winners and losers of the week.

As expected, Iron Man 2 hit theaters in the number one spot raking in over $130 million.  Nightmare on Elm Street was a distant second with less than $10 million.

On the Blu-ray front there are some awesome catalog titles as well as some decent new releases for you to choose from.  Once again though, picks of the week go to those long forgotten catalog titles getting a fresh start in HD.

DVD releases are your usual fare of movies and TV seasons.  You’ll find links to everything below.  Hope you enjoy the show!

(James and I will be sharing our personal TOP 10 of all time movies.  Send us a tweet (Adam/James) email us or leave a voicemail (1-877-856-4933) and share your personal TOP 10!)

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