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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 70: You’ll Go Nuts Over This Episode!

Ent20logo2 We’re back for our 70th this week and it was a great show.  Those who joined us live know that it wasn’t an easy week but luckily things fell into place and we were able to get it out to you guys on time.

As always thanks for the emails and voice mails.  We always enjoy them!

All in all, it was the week of software.  Josh and I take time to cover several topics this week including fixes that were issued for Media Center which will hopefully make some people happy.  First is KB981129 which addresses the network tuner deadlock issue and KB981130 which will hopefully take care of the low bitrate issue that some folks were having with analog broadcasts.

Remote Potato will now stream your recorded TV shows for you so be sure and go grab that update.  That’s not the only updated app though as Big Screen by Remote just got one as well.  No streaming added but it’s being touted as a big one.

We also quickly run through the My Movies iPhone app and the new Kylo HTPC web browser.  With features like pan and zoom, on screen keyboard, and larger, more readable fonts, you may want to take a look if you’re interested in surfing the web on your TV.

Click here to download Episode 70!


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