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Boxee payment system launching this summer

boxee Boxee has already shown that they can bring premium content into their platform.  While MLB TV isn’t something I watch personally, it’s a popular service for the young startup and Boxee is not looking to add even more.

Today through their blog, the Boxee team announced Boxee Payments.  The system, which they say will launch this summer, will allow content providers to offer pay-per-view or subscription services to users with one click inside the application.  The content offered would be entirely up to the provider as would the model they wish to sell it by.  Boxee would take a small fee off the top for providing the infrastructure to get it to your home.

Between the announcement of the D-link Boxee Box and now a payment system, the company seems to be lining themselves up to take over the living room in regards to streaming content.  I don’t think there’s another platform out there that allows you to pull in as much content with possibly the exception of Netflix.  With access to TV shows, movies, music, podcasts as well as pictures (plus all of your local content), Boxee is quickly becoming a must-have HTPC solution no matter what your main software choice is.