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Seen in HD 18 – CES, District 9 and more


Show 18 comes just as the CES news started to trickle out, and we’re talking about it.

Tivo accidentally leaked news about a new product by slipping the wrong instructions sheet into one of its products. One problem, it went to a tech blogger who posted it to his Web site. Nothing too exciting, looks to be a new form factor, but funny nonetheless.

Something that could be a big deal, using a bunch of science and math terms, it looks like Sony and Panasonic have come up with a way to increase Blu-ray storage capacity by about 37% on a single-layer disc, bringing total capacity up to 33.5 GB. This could mean that studios who still refuse to use dual-layer discs could have more room to play with in the future, opening the door for more features, better transfers and more audio options.

And the last non-CES news is that High Def Digest is reporting that current Blu-ray players might be able to handle the new 3D Blu-ray after all with a firmware update, with the trade off being you would get only 1080i instead of 1080p. We say no big deal there.

As for CES, there’s a lot to talk about already. We take a stab at what big things we’ll see in the home theater world from this year’s show. Phil thinks Blu-ray players will make a major push to become the center of your connected home, Adam talks about mobile TV. We’ll certainly check back in next week’s show with the big news.

Using Geek Tonic’s guide to the 2010 Winter TV schedule we see that a lot of our favorite shows are coming back this week, so make sure your DVR is warmed up. Chuck leads the parade of season premiers with a two-hour show Sunday, followed by it’s normal Monday timeslot. The HD Sportsman features the last of the bowl games.

Finally, the Blu-ray releases for Jan. 12 are highlighted by some people’s pick for best picture, the Gulf War drama The Hurt Locker.

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