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ProVision bringing AXAR HD streaming to CES 2010

AXARscreenIt looks as though we’ll be getting another wireless HD streaming technology out of CES this year.  In the home theater and digital media space, this is starting to trend up as much as 3D.

ProVision’s AXAR streaming will push HD content to, well, basically anything that supports it.  The tech supports two streams and while ProVision has said that it can support more, at this time they don’t intend to offer it at the consumer level.  Why is beyond me, but hopefully they’ll see the lunacy in that move.  If I have two kids, there’s a good chance I might need at least three, if not all four sets to be in use at the same time.  Limiting people to two is just going to limit your market.

The company is still in talks to get the feature put into upcoming HDTVs and other devices such as Blu-ray players and other STBs.

We’ll be keeping an eye on other wireless HD streaming technology that’ll be coming out at CES.  It’ll be interesting to see how many choices actually make it to market in the next year.

via 901am