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Seen in HD Episode 6 – Blu-ray mainstream in 2010?


We lead off this week’s look at all things HD with an examination of an article from that says Blu-ray is expected to hit mainstream in 2010. The article bases its assertions off of data reported by NBD Crest group showing that early adopters are not the main Blu-ray buyers any more. Adam and Phil talk about what it will take for this to really happen.

Phil also shares that he’s hosting a Windows 7 House Party, and encourages everyone to watch the hilariously awful host video that was on YouTube this week. Windows 7 is the most important Windows release when it comes to HD support since it opens up QAM to the masses and offers more support for things like MKV.

The Blu-ray review for the week is Black Hawk Down, the 1996 film that looks at a failed military operation in Mogadishu that left several US servicemen stranded overnight in the middle of the city. It gets high marks from our review.

This week saw the start of the PBS airing of Ken Burns’ “The National Parks”, and Phil was pretty let down by the picture quality. We’d love to hear from our listeners, if you’ve seen it, do you agree with Phil’s opinion on the poor quality of the HD broadcast? Let us know in the comments below.

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