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ZuneHD Getting Apps, Just Not Yet

While many times we like to think that Microsoft just doesn’t get it, once in awhile there’s a ray of hope.  It seems that the new Zune 4.0 software has a marketplace tab for applications.  While I haven’t been able to view them yet since I just installed the software and it’s telling me that there’s nothing in the marketplace (including music and video) the tab is there waiting.

According to Zunerama, Microsoft is saying that more apps are coming including twitter, facebook and more games.  There are only a few there now but hopefully we’ll see this opened up to developers soon.

While I think the device and software should have been opened to developers long before now so that there would be more selection upon launch, hopefully it won’t take long and we can have a fleshed out place to make the ZuneHD more than just a fancy media player.


Image courtesy of Zunerama



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