ShowAnalyzer V1.0 Beta Now Publically Available

Dragon Global LogoMany people were extremely excited when we announced back in May that Dragon Global was releasing a private beta of ShowAnalyzer that would work with Windows 7. Unfortunately, the beta was time limited, and that time limit has run out for most people by now.  Jere Jones, the creator of the ShowAnalyzer, has more great news for all of the people who were beta testing the great software, and for those who weren’t able to get into the private beta.

ShowAnalyzer Version 1.0 is now available as a public beta. This means different things depending on if you were a private beta tester, haven’t tested it all, or are a currently paying customer.

If you are:

Current Private Beta Testers As a “thank you” you will be given a license to SAV1. This license will include free upgrades for 1 year.
Current Paid Customers You will be given a license for SAV1. You will simply need to download the trial version, and then retrieve your license using the “Retrieve My Key” page.
Anyone Else If you buy SAV1 before October 22, 2009, you will get lifetime upgrades for free, and pay the current price of $19.98. If you wait until after October 22 the price will increase to $29.98, and you will still get one year of free upgrades.

There is also a new page on the website that will allow you to retrieve your key. Go to this page, enter your email address, and your key will be emailed to you. Obviously this page only works for the previous beta testers and anyone who has paid for ShowAnalyzer in the past.

Happy commercial skipping!

Dragon Global – ShowAnalyzer


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