Netflix Streaming Coming to Windows 7 Media Center

netflix_win7_1 Well, ya had to figure that Microsoft would put it in Windows 7 eventually and while there’s no timeframe yet, Mike Ybarra was seen showing off the service during Steve Ballmer’s keynote speech at Microsoft’s Financial Analysts Meeting.

Great news for Windows 7 users to be sure but it was clouded again by the fact that you won’t be able to access the service on Media Center extenders.  Those who read here frequently or listen to Entertainment 2.0 can guess how we feel about that.  It’s a move that leaves a lot of Media Center users out in the cold.  Sure, we can use the Xbox dashboard but that requires changing UIs and then heading back into MCE once again.

No matter what though, it’s good news for Media Center in general and hopefully there will be more streaming content to come!  Oh and by the way, the app is touch screen compatible if you happen to be using Media Center’s touch functions.

via EngadgetHD