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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 38: The Soothing Sounds Of Josh Pollard

Print We’re back for another week!  No special guests joining but the show is still worth it, trust me.  This episode was actually recorded a week ago so you’ll notice we cover some stuff that’s been out there for a bit.  Josh is on vacation this week but we wanted to get a show out to you fine folks!  We’ll be back up to date starting next week.

Just a few topics to cover this week and you can find the links below.  We are looking for some feedback as well!  We haven’t done a live show in almost a month.  Is it something people miss?  We’ve had some issues with it and while we’re happy to continue to record live, we’d like to know if it’s something people enjoy and if it adds value to the show.  Let us know by leaving a comment here!

Don’t forget, we want your regular input as well!  You can share your Media Center setup by using the Entertainment 2.0 Drop and you can leave us a voicemail with your questions or comments at 1-877-856-4933.  We want to hear from our listeners!

Click here to download this week’s show!

Show Notes:

Be  sure and listen to the whole show if you want to understand the title.  A special treat awaits you at the beginning of the show’s closing song.  Enjoy!


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