AverMedia Launches New Tuner

image AverMedia today announced the upcoming AVerTV Combo G2.  The card combines one analog and one digital tuner into one PCI-E tuner solution for Windows Media Center.  The digital tuner is ready for both ATSC OTA signals as well as ClearQAM channels that you may be able to receive from your cable company.

The AVerTV Combo G2 (White Box) has an Analog TV tuner with Hardware Encoding and 3D Comb Filter and a High Definition Digital TV tuner all on one PCI Express card. With advanced Hardware Encoding, you will be provided with superior true color picture images, with low CPU consumption.

The Combo G2 (White Box) also has Gaming Plug-in, an advanced software developed by AVerMedia, that allows the user to Plug-in-Play game consoles in real time, without the latency problems associated with Windows Vista Media Center. Users can also enjoy AVerMedia ClearQAM Tools, the work around that enable ClearQAM support in Windows Media Center.

The thing that strikes me in the press release is the “Gaming Plug-in” support.  Whether this means you could run your Xbox 360 or PS3 remotely and within Media Center I’m not sure of but I’m certainly going to be trying to get more information.

AverMedia stated that the AVerTV Combo G2 would release today but as of yet, the company’s website still says “coming soon”.  Expect an MSRP of $99 once available.



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