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Entertainment 2.0-Episode 32: Pop Pop!

Ent20logo2 Time for another show here during the first week of June, 2009.  Thanks once again to those who joined us live.  Unfortunately they probably got the best listening experience this week as the title of this week’s show references the fact that you’ll here some interference during the show.  We’re not sure where this came from considering that no one heard it while recording the show.  With changes we plan on making for next week’s show, this will be the last time we’ll have to put a note like this in the show.

On to the content.  Media Center news has been lacking as of late.  With E3 going, and the Windows 7 RC in the wild, Microsoft is obviously focusing on other things, as it should be.

We did find some news to cover this week however and we discuss several topics related to the Media Center ecosystem.

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