Several HTPC Solutions Get Updates

Brent Evans of Geektonic has posted that there are updates for three HTPC software solutions.  Updates are always good and Brent has the lowdown on all of them.


First is SageTV.  They’ve pushed out the 6.5.14 beta update.  Fixes and additions include:

  • Added Mac support for CC in ATSC/QAM files
  • Numerous improvements to SageTV Studio
  • Fixed bugs in BluRay playback on HD200



Next up is the Plex Media Center for Mac.  This is a solution that I have never heard of but then again, I’m not a Mac user.  They’ve pushed out version 0.7.15 which adds several new features including:

  • New Now Playing Visualizer
  • iLife art
  • New features for the Media Server Plugin



Last is Media Portal, an open source media center which has just put out version 1.02.  Like most apps, this adds some new features and fixes some bugs.


You can find the full details of each update as well as links to the sites where you can download the software over at Geektonic.


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Adam Thursby

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