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Episode 27: Josh Makes Babies Cry!

Ent20logo2 Welcome back to the show folks.  We had a bit of trouble recording last night but family comes first and we were still able to get the show out today!  The one good part is that I had an opportunity to pay homage to Monty Python.

This week we take time to talk about Hack7MC yet again.  Michael Healy is really cranking out the hacks and customizations for 7MC and while we were going to talk about two of them this week, we ended up covering three!  Find links below.

We also talk about the value of high end custom Media Center systems vs. building your own/buying from companies like Dell and HP.  There are good and bad points of each and we do our best to hash them out.  As well, be sure and listen to the whole show.  I’m not going to post the link here but we’re making some changes that we think listeners/readers will be happy with.  The podcast is staying the same, just moving a bit.

Leave us your comments or contact us on Twitter (Adam, Josh) if you have any questions, comments or anything else you’d like to share!

Show Links:

13 Million Media Center Users

Hack7MC-New 7MC theme

Hack7MC-Replace Movie Strip with Media Browser

Hack7MC-Color Channel Logos

Microsoft Smooth Streaming


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