Story Players #004 – Mass Effect Andromeda – Episode 3

Sep 22, 2017 by

This week the Story Players check out Mass Effect Andromeda's first few side quests. They also get introduced to most of the game's primary side characters. It's also their first chance to check out the new romance system.

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Story Players #003 – Mass Effect Andromeda – Episode 2

Sep 15, 2017 by

The Story Players are back for the second episode in their Mass Effect Andromeda series. This week they cover three Priority Ops missions: Nexus Reunion, First Strike, and A Better Beginning.

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Story Players #002 – Mass Effect Andromeda – Episode 1

Sep 8, 2017 by

The Story Players kick off a new series for the show. This time they are playing Mass Effect Andromeda. The should be around ten episodes released weekly as the guys work their way through the action sci-fi RPG from Bioware.

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Story Players #001 – Life is Strange: Before the Storm – E...

Sep 5, 2017 by

This episode kicks of a new series around the brand new game Life is Strange: Before the Storm. The guys analyze all of episode one: Awake.

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Story Players #0 – Introducing Story Players

Aug 31, 2017 by

Today we're launching Story Players. It's a podcast that analyzes story-driven video games. Josh and Joe discuss plot, characters, and those gut-wrenching choices you’re often forced to make.

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Save 10% on Xbox Digital Purchases

Aug 26, 2017 by

It's an expensive time to be a gamer as all the big games are coming out over the next four months. Fortunately you can save 10% on digital purchases.

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Razer Wolverine Ultimate Takes on Xbox Elite Controller

Aug 24, 2017 by

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate is a new controller for the Xbox One and PC with more customizability and features than the Xbox Elite controller.

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Microsoft Quietly Delays New Controllers and Adapter

Aug 11, 2017 by

Microsoft announced three new controllers and a smaller Xbox Wireless Adapter all for release in within the next month. Unfortunately, all of them were quietly delayed.

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Entertainment 2.0 #417: Maybe I’m an Xbox Stalker

Aug 10, 2017 by

Spotify has finally landed on the Xbox One. Plex brings live TV and DVR out of beta. The Xbox One gets a UI overhaul...again, and Disney is planning their own streaming service.

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Entertainment 2.0 #416: Vizualizerizers

Aug 3, 2017 by

Microsoft Groove brings music videos to PC and may soon get visualizers. Xbox Game Pass gets more games, and Microsoft shows new controller designs and a smaller Xbox Wireless Adapter.

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Entertainment 2.0 #415: The Ban Hammer

Jul 20, 2017 by

The Xbox gets its first big update since the spring. The guide data crisis is over. Emby has a powerful DVR solution, and Element releases a low cast Amazon-enabled TV.

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Entertainment 2.0 #414: The 2017 Guide Data Crisis

Jul 13, 2017 by

Windows Media Center guide data has gone missing again, Showtime comes to Xbox along with Netflix’s first Atmos movie. Windows Phone 8.1 support ends, and PlayStation Vue gets more expensive.

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