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Inovelli Rises from the Ashes at CES 2020

Inovelli Rises from the Ashes at CES 2020

Inovelli debuted in 2016 with a small lineup of Z-wave devices. They were well received by SmartThings and other Z-wave friendly communities for their low prices and robust features. But they ran into trouble with their manufacturer and went on on a bit of a hiatus. It appears they have now firmly set those issues behind them. Based on their CES 2020 booth, Inovelli is set to come into the new decade firing on all cylinders.

Swiss army knife light switches

Inovelli’s first devices with their new manufacturer started shipping at the end of 2019. And boy do they pack in the features for a low price! The dimmer switch is the first Z-wave dimmer we’ve seen that doesn’t require a neutral wire. It also has a flexible multi-way wiring configuration where you can choose to use either add-on switches or keep the existing “dumb” switches. Alongside the switch rocker is an LED strip you can change via automations to act as a visual indicator. The list goes on and on, so check out their website.

Inovelli Rises from the Ashes at CES 2020

They also currently offer an on/off switch. While it does require a neutral wire, it also has the myriad of features that the dimmer has. The switch has the ability to disable the internal relay. This way it can be used on a circuit with their own (or any other) smart bulbs without cutting the power to them. Again, we could go on, so check out their website for the full list of features.

Coming soon to inovelli

Inovelli Rises from the Ashes at CES 2020

Inovelli also has two products in their CES booth that we’re expecting in the very near future. Currently on pre-order through the end of February, they have a great solution for fan and light combo switches. This kit consists of two pieces: the Z-Wave wall switch and a module that goes in the fan canopy. This setup allows full, independent light and fan speed control with only a 14/2 romex wire running between the fan ceiling box and single-gang switch box. It also carries over the scene control, LED light bars, and multiple configuration parameters that their other switches have. The Fan+Light switch is estimated to ship this April.

The first sensor to come out after Inovelli’s come-back is a 4-in-1 motion sensor. This Z-Wave sensor will report motion, temperature, humidity, and light level to your Z-Wave automation system of choice. Matching their other devices, almost every parameter on this sensor can be configured to suit your needs. The 4-in-1 sensor will be shipping soon on Amazon.

More to come in the future

The Inovelli booth also has more hints of future devices. An expanded lightbulb lineup is on display. As are some traditional devices like a normal fan switch, wall plug, and LED strips. Inovelli also plans to diversify their lineup with Zigbee Versions of these devices. In the wake of the recent CHIP Working Group news, this is probably smart.

If you’re a fan of small companies looking to provide full featured devices at good prices, keep an eye on Inovelli.