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Xbox Wish List Arriving Now

Xbox users have been waiting a long time for the simple ability to keep a wish list of games and apps that they’re interested in purchasing. It’s a feature that seems like it ought to be table stakes in a modern app ecosystem. Microsoft had previously announced that they were working on the feature, but now we’re finally on the verge of being able to use it. In fact, if you’re an Xbox Insider you can use the feature now.

Xbox Wish List Arriving Now

Microsoft did more than just add wish list functionality to the Microsoft Store though. They also added a shopping cart with the ability to save items for later. The Microsoft Store is a shared ecosystem across the Xbox One, Windows 10, and the web. Once the new feature has arrived in all three locations, you’ll be able to add and remove games and apps from your cart or wish list and manage those items later. So, if you’re looking at a new game on your PC you can add it to your wish list, and then purchase it from your Xbox when it’s on sale.

When you’ve added items to your wish list you’ll be able to quickly see when they are on sale as they’ll have an “on sale” badge. The wish list functionality couldn’t come at a better time. Some of the biggest sales of the year come around Black Friday and at the very end of the year. You can load up your wish list now, and when those massive sales start you can simply look at your list to find the games you actually want.

Wish list functionality is coming first to the web, Windows 10, and Xbox Insiders. It will be available to all Xbox users in a few weeks.

Source: Windows Blog