Ceton Companion on Windows 8 and Renamed to My Media Center

Jan 17, 2013 by

We’ve been big fans of the Ceton Companion apps since they first launched. In fact, the for the last two years they’ve received “best of” awards from us during our year-end wrap-up shows. Perhaps what we’ve liked more than any single feature is that they are constantly being updated. With that, Ceton has launched a Windows 8/RT app, and updated the already existing iOS, Android, and Window Phones apps. With the updates also comes a new name. It is now called My Media Center. Ceton wanted to make it¬†abundantly¬†clear that all you need to use their app is a Windows Media Center box. You don’t need a Ceton InfiniTV tuner at all.

My Media Center for Windows 8 is the brand new release, and it is definitely the most polished of Ceton’s apps on its initial release date. Whether you’re looking through your movie library, recorded TV, or checking out what is premiering tonight, the design is always clean. Like Ceton’s other apps you have the ability to view your movie library, manage your recorded TV, browse the guide, view premieres, and control multiple Windows Media Center PCs and Extenders around your network. It even offers universal search through all of your media.

The DMZ has a lot of big fans of Windows 8. What we really like is when a Windows 8 app is really written to the design guidelines that Microsoft has put out, and when it takes advantages of the great features Windows 8 offers. My Media Center follows the vast majority of the design guidelines and supports the major features of the OS. For example, you can use the built in Search charm to search throughout the app. It also supports “snapped” viewing quite intuitively. In short, if you geek out on Windows 8 design (like we do) you’ll love all the effort that was put into My Media Center.

If you’re a Windows Media Center user you owe it to yourself to be using My Media Center to remotely manage it. If you have a Windows tablet then pairing it with this app will give you the best mobile management experience available. The Windows 8 version of My Media Center takes an app that we’ve loved for so long, and makes it even better. It’s simply the best version of the app available.

You can download My Media Center from the Windows Store for only $4.99.