HandBrake 0.9.6 Supports WTV Files

Mar 2, 2012 by

One of the best tools available for converting video files is, without a doubt, HandBrake. While I’ve used it a lot in the past it’s always had one minor feature missing that bugged me. It has never supported WTV files. WTV is the native format used by Windows Media Center in Windows 7. Fortunately HandBrake did support Microsoft’s previous file format DVRMS. That required a separate file operation though, as you would need to convert a WTV to a DVRMS file prior to importing it into HandBrake. That was an easy and quick process, but only worked if the WTV file didn’t contain h.264 video.

This week HandBrake released a new version, 0.9.6, and to our surprise, it includes support for WTV files! We tested it out, and sure enough, you can simply drag your WTV files right into the application for your conversion tasks. There are, of course, other updates and fixes, so check out the release notes for all of the details. Once you’re done reading, go and download this awesome (and free) tool right away!

Release NotesDownload Page

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