Adding Missing ClearQAM Channels to Windows Media Center

Feb 16, 2012 by

We love CableCARD and its ability to give us every channel our cable television provider offers. Unfortunately CableCARD isn’t a possibility for everyone. Some people choose to go a lower cost route and receive their television signal over the air (ATSC) or via ClearQAM which comes from their cable provider. Windows Media Center offers great support for both of these technologies. When using the guided TV setup it will scan your signal for all available channels and set them up automatically. Unfortunately it often times will miss some channels, especially if the signal strength for a particular channel is low. However, one need not worry about missing out on those channels that might be missed on the initial scan. Windows Media Center also offers a way to manually add those channels back into the guide. Check out our simple tutorial for all the details. If you’re thinking about adding ATSC or ClearQAM tuners to your home theater PC then you can’t go wrong with the SiliconDust HDHomeRun or the Avermedia Duet.