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Entertainment 2.0 #94: Step Right Up and You Too Can be a Winner!

PrintWhile we take time to touch on the whole Google TV/Apple TV deal again, this week we’re back to our usual Media Center news coverage.  The biggest news of the week came out of the Intel Developers Forum.  Intel has released the Atom CE4100 upon the world and this little system on a chip will allow the development of Windows Embedded Standard 7 Media Center set-top boxes.  Acer and Asus are already jumping into the space, each with their own device that will take advantage of this platform.

We also cover the other smaller stories for the week but the big announcement comes at the end of the show.  If you usually stop listening as we close out, you won’t want to do that this time.

As we’ve mentioned, we’re quickly running up on our 100th show.  As such, we’ve been hard at work putting together the proper celebration.  Starting today until October 18th, you’ll have the chance to enter our 100th Episode celebration contest with prizes totaling over $1500!  Simply head to the special page we’ve created to learn how you can get your name in the hat.  To give you an idea, S1 Digital, Ceton and Microsoft have chipped in to make sure you get prizes that you’re interested in.  We’re really excited about this contest.  So excited that we’ll be announcing the winner LIVE during our 100th show.  On October 19th, the live shows will return and you’ll want to log on to UStream.tv and join us for the announcement.  See you there!

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