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Seen in HD 48 – 2010 Fall TV Preview



We take a departure from our normal structure this week as we talk about the 2010 Fall TV season. To help us out we welcome Brent Evans, Geek Tonic himself, back to the show. It was a year ago almost to the day that we did the same thing with the 2009 season. Brent is the author of the wonderfully useful and thorough Ultimate Fall 2010 Premiere Schedule over at the Geek Tonic site. If you want to know when a show premieres, take a look at Brent’s guide. At times its more up to date than the network’s sites are.

Brent will take us through a special early screening of several new shows he attended, before we break into looking at the season in depth, including:

  • New and returning shows, what we’re looking forward to.
  • A night-by-night rundown of what’s on the major broadcast networks, and a peek at some of cable’s biggest as well.
  • Winners and losers, our predictions.
  • The one-DVR test.
  • What shows will look best in HD?

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