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Entertainment 2.0 #82: Xboxtainment 2.0

Print Media Center wasn’t to be seen this week.  With E3 running, it’s mostly gaming news but Microsoft did make some big content announcements and that’s what we take time to cover this week. 

With ESPN3 coming to Xbox, and being free for Gold Members, Josh and I go to town in regards to getting this content on multiple devices.  It seems that MS wants to limit you to one Xbox 360 (since services are tied to your Xbox Live account) and I’m of the mind that they need to find a way to share throughout your home.  You can hear it all by just clicking below!

Also, if you’re a World Cup watcher, you’ll want to read up on Gary Whittaker’s article on how you can get rid of the vuvuzalas that plague so many people.  They don’t completely disappear but you can eliminate most of the racket.


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