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thEndUsr Episode 3: Los Très Amigos Especial

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  • My problem with Windows 7 mobile is how slow it runs. There might be some things better about it than iPhone, but if its slow it totally beats its purpose as a phone. I was using a Samsung Omnia which slowed down by a lot after I upgraded to 7. One step forward, two steps back. Apple has always been good about this, for example their OS X versions become more efficient with each release. The same design philosophy shows in iPhone, whereas windows 7 mobile is very reminiscent of Windows Vista

  • Email us your comments or email us an mp3 in a longer form and we will talk on the show about your comments! I gotta say link me to the wp7s ROM and I will test it out. Also even if there is a ROM, it is seriously pre production so we have to wait and see. Personally I have many doubts. As for the apple iteration, they release some solid products. Windows 7 is a minor optimization of vista. The service packs were huge for vista. Anyways seven is much better no less. We really have to wait for Mix to see what winphone 7 has to offer. Rest assured we will talk about it on the podcast! Also thanks for the feedback. We will talk more I'm sure. Stay tuned!