Remote Simplicity: Using a Zune Remote in Media Center

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Some times you just want to keep things simple or gasp keep it “Apple” like. That is the case with this nice little gem of a find. A user over at Life Hacker found out that with a simple registry edit you can use alternative IR remote controls within Media Center and even Windows Media Player.

A while back I documented on how you can have two media center PC’s in the same room by editing the IR registry settings on one of the Media Center PC’s so that you could control both Media Center PC’s at the same time without having conflicting IR issues.

zune_dock_remote_control Taking the same IR registry edit concept you can edit your Media Center PC registry and set it so that your PC will respond to any Microsoft IR device, whether that be a Zune IR remote, or an Xbox 360 media remote.

There are several versions of the Zune IR remote, both types are pictured here. So by simply performing the registry edit you can now have virtually any IR remote in the Microsoft family of remotes controlling your Media Center PC.

So if you want just a simple remote, directional pad, play/pause/skip pretty much any of the basic functionality this just might be what you are looking for.

Via Life Hacker & eHome Upgrade

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  • jasonmlambert

    This is sweet

  • jasonmlambert

    This is sweet